Soul Searching, Part 1.5: Stonefang Tunnel

I had a chance to play some more Demon’s Souls last night, but not a significant amount. Instead of a full-sized report on the goings on, here are just a few quick observations about Stonefang Tunnel: Merchants are creepy and hang out where there is like zero chance of doing any real business. Those guys have […]

Soul Searching, Part 1: The Quest to Git Gud

It’s happened. I’ve found myself swept up in Souls Fever, and I have naught the antibodies to fight it. Thanks to last year’s incredible Bloodborne, I contracted the consuming disease, resulting in a desire to experience everything Souls-related. I eagerly dove into Dark Souls III upon its release a few months ago, and I absolutely adored it. As I […]

Dark Souls III Review

I have a confession: before this year, I had never played a Souls game, unless you count the hour or so I spent with the first Dark Souls. In fact, before last year’s excellent Bloodborne, I had no interest in playing a Souls game at all, but thanks to Bloodborne’s engrossing world, the challenge-and-reward gameplay loop, and a […]