Inside Review

Playdead’s sophomore effort is a thing of beauty. And nightmares.   In 2010, indie developer Playdead released Limbo, a dark and atmospheric side-scroller about a boy searching for his sister. The game went on to become a critical darling, and a shining example of the storytelling potential our fair hobby is capable of. Certainly, if the entire independent […]

Dark Souls III Review

I have a confession: before this year, I had never played a Souls game, unless you count the hour or so I spent with the first Dark Souls. In fact, before last year’s excellent Bloodborne, I had no interest in playing a Souls game at all, but thanks to Bloodborne’s engrossing world, the challenge-and-reward gameplay loop, and a […]

We Played Ori and the Blind Forest

A beautiful and heartfelt journey. By Sam Desatoff Platforms: Xbox One, PC MSRP: $19.99 Style: Action/platforming Moon Studios is not your typical development house. Made up of a small team scattered across the globe, Moon managed to build Ori and the Blind forest without a centralized headquarters. The amount of collaboration required to turn their […]

We Played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

War for Profit By Sam Desatoff Each year like clockwork Activision releases a new entry in its juggernaut brand. As the years roll by, the publisher finds itself under increased pressure to differentiate each new entry from its predecessors without compromising the spirit and gameplay that has staved off franchise fatigue for so long. It […]

We Played P.T.

By Sam Desatoff and Matthew Criswell During Gamescom in Germany this past August, Sony announced a new horror game called P.T. In a surprise move during the announcement, Sony also revealed that the game was free and available to play immediately on the PlayStation 4. Developed by the mysterious 7780s Studio, P.T., it turns out, […]

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review

Diablo III’s first expansion is a game changer By Sam Desatoff Note: This review also appeared in The Collegian and can be found at Last year’s launch of Diablo III was very much a mixed bag. While the core action-RPG mechanics were solid and enjoyable, the experience was dragged down by a number of […]

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review

Retro Studios sticks to a winning formula By Sam Desatoff When Nintendo decided to revive the Donkey Kong Country franchise in 2010, developer Retro Studios approached the project with a keen eye for platforming. Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii offered difficult-yet-rewarding gameplay coupled with a colorful art style and a well-honed sense of […]