What’s a Good Enough?

GE Question


Hi. How are you? Can I get you a drink? Do you like how I’ve decorated the place? Who was your favorite character in Lost?

My name is Sam, and I’m writing this to say hello to you, the dear, sweet reader. Recently (literally today), we made up a little Facebook page and now we’re all caught up with 2005, so it seems a like an introduction might be in order. So what is a Good Enough? Well, Dictionary.com defines “good enough” as “Did you mean good night? More suggestions: greenough, good-o…,” which, now that I’m looking at it, doesn’t seem very helpful at all. Let me try again.

Good Enough is a blog and podcast that is wildly inconsistent about actually putting out content. Here, we discuss everything from video gamesboard games, the occasional interviewbooks, and our Lord and Savior Pete Nelson.

Our podcast is a kind of unscripted production of nonsense and Fast and Furious tangents. If you want a good idea of what we have to offer, I suggest listening to our episode about a very forward cannibal. I cannot stress enough, though, that there are a lot of Fast and Furious tangents in Good Enough. For reals. You’ve been warned.

The name Good Enough is pretty representative of how we operate here. We have no set schedule–the three of us are fully functioning adult humans with families and full time jobs, which leaves precious little time to talk idiocy into a microphone together. Thus, the content we do put out is usually good enough for now.

We do have lots of ambitious plans that will no doubt come to fruition just like every goal I’ve ever set for myself ever. For starters, next week we are attending the Electronics Entertainment Expo, which I think is some kind of home and garden show. We will be taking lots of pictures and hopefully recording some of our experiences to share with you, dear, sweet reader (I love you). We are also preparing a couple of video series because literally the only way to get any attention these days is to have a fucking YouTube channel. So look for that or whatever. Currently, I’m taking a couple of coding classes, so look for an update to this admittedly-shitty site soon too.

Well, that seems like a decent enough (or should I say good enough–eh, eh? *nudge*) introduction for now. If you want to keep up with us, you can always head to our shiny new Facebook page that I linked earlier. You can also check us out on Twitter. You can follow me there too, as well as Robbie and Matt. There’s also an Instagram page if that’s your jam. It’s not mine, though. I don’t even know what Instagram is. Webster’s defines it as “The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary,” which, again, was less than helpful.

Anyways, thanks for reading and checking us out. We look forward to producing more content for you soon when it’s most convenient for us. We do have a name to live up to, after all.





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