I’m (Eventually) Building a New PC


Above picture courtesy of JayzTwoCents.

It’s that time again. Time to bundle up against the winter cold, eagerly await the release of Deadpool, and build a new PC. Granted, it’s not quite as cold here in central California as it is elsewhere, but I’m in too deep with this symbolism to stop now.

About four years ago, I built my first PC after discovering how (sort of) easy it could be. In theory, it’s just a matter of plugging a processor, some RAM, a graphics card, and a couple fans into a motherboard like some kind of adult Lego set. There are bound to be snags along the way, of course, cable management being high on that list. But it’s hard to replicate the sense of accomplishment that comes along with booting up your own custom system successfully for the fist time.

The advantages of picking out your own PC components and building a rig yourself are many: you can achieve console-level graphics for a competitive price, the customizatability of custom computers allows for easy upgrading in the future, and picking out parts is just so damn fun.

But just like consoles, custom PCs will eventually become aged and new technology will rush in to push its inferior predecessor out of the spotlight like some kind of attention-hungry pop star. Thus is the case of my PC. Like an arthritic man attempting cartwheels in the snow, my rig is beginning to show its age. I guess it’s time for a new one. Time to upgrade to a faster processor, add more RAM, and spend hours of research to choose the perfect graphics card for my budget. Shucks.

My original intent was to simply upgrade my processor and GPU, but any new processor I choose (I’m leaning toward Intel’s new Skylake architecture) will require a CPU socket type not present on my fossil of a mobo. It will also call for RAM of the DDR4 variety, which I do not currently own. Thus, this hell-spiral has led me to the decision to simply start from scratch.

I will be chronicling my parts decisions, along with the eventual build process, here on the blog. But, unlike some kind of techno-Rockefeller, I’m not a PC parts tycoon – money, that scummy shit, rears its ugly head. It will take time for my build to come together. But that need not be a bad thing. This gives me more time to carefully select my components. Plus, there are rumors of Nvidia and AMD launching new GPUs sometime this year.

I’ve been bitten by the building bug, though, and I will not go quietly into the night (is anyone else beyond excited for Independence Day: Resurgence?) The infectious digi-flu has compelled me to pick out parts for a new home PC for my parents, whose terribly old and slow laptop needs to go the way of Old Yeller. I’ve begun to assemble a parts list with a budget of $500-$600 to build a computer for their not-very-demanding needs. Sometime soon, I will post that parts list, and (maybe) follow it up with a build video of some kind. Until then, however, steer clear of me and my digi-flu. You don’t want to catch what I have.

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