What Have I Been Up To?

One night as I was laying down to sleep, I felt a disturbance in the air. Suddenly stricken with fear, I sat bolt upright and sprinted to my computer. I frantically typed this blog’s URL into the web browser and saw, to my disappointment, that I hadn’t written a new entry in two months. Overwhelmed with shame, I vowed to write a new post the following morning.

That was nearly three months ago.

It’s not like I even have a good excuse for this neglect. I’ve just been…lazy. So lazy that I checked Reddit between that last sentence and this one. I feel like the lack of motivation can be attributed to the fact that I’ve been working a lot more lately, but I don’t want to make excuses; I easily could have found time to write something.

I’ve still been playing games. Games that I would love to write about were I not an insufferable layabout. I finished Batman: Arkham Knight, I played Glen More with my wife, I’ve been critically addicted to Rocket League; I could easily have written about any one of them. But I didn’t. And now I hate myself.

But I plan on changing that. I’ve got a number of projects in the wings, including a “We Played” and, of course, more “Cardboard Addiction.” I’ve even got a “We Played an Old Game” I’d like visit in the near future. There’s also this killer taco recipe I want to try. That’s unrelated, but tacos are the shit so mind your own business. And really, this is perfect timing because my final semester of college begins in exactly one week, so I’ll should have even MORE free time than before, right?


See you soon.

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