Good Enough Episode 30 – Bingo Optimization of Numbers and Letters Three Robot


It’s episode 30 of Good Enough! To help celebrate, we welcome back inventor extraordinaire Jebbidiah Grant who joins us to show off his new invention, a genuine robot! Of course, things don’t end too smoothly. In the second segment, we discuss what games we’ve been playing and talk about the merits of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

We also debut a new game in this episode, one that requires help from the listeners! The concept is this: each time we play the game, we will select a universally hated thing. Think Nickelback, stepping in a small puddle while wearing socks, or stubbing your small toe. One person will be forced to defend that thing as if they truly think it is a genuine contribution to our society. The other person will do their best to decry the thing. This week we’ve settled on Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Where the listener comes in is…we need suggestions for future topics of discussion. If you think of any commonly hated thing that we should defend, please let us know.

Thanks for listening!

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