Good Enough Episode 11: Callin’ Hanks

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Picture courtesy

Welcome to another episode of Good Enough. This week, we talk about the announcement of precisely one hundred Marvel Movies. We couldn’t be more excited, so we discussed which movies we are most looking forward to, which was the most surprising, and what direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe could take after Infinity War.

In the second segment, we honor Halloween by speaking with a real life zombie named Brian. He dropped by to give us some insight into zombie culture that you might find interesting. We also get his take on the Resident Evil series of games.

Thanks for listening.

One thought on “Good Enough Episode 11: Callin’ Hanks

  1. I went to school with Matt, and I concur that during our freshman year, everything was still similar, but as soon as sophomore year began, all good food was taken away. We went from having actual restaurants catering our school, to having government processed food. I swear, if you left the pizza and snacks out for too long, it would revert back to a mucus-like state. I don’t know if you guys are fans of the Supernatural show, but school food nowadays isn’t all too dissimilar from the food that the Leviathans were feeding to the human race in seasons 7 and 8 lol


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